Is this related to lupus? Picture attached...

 Is this related to lupus? Picture attached...

Kinda gross, but does this look like a lupus mouth sore? I have had it for about a week. I gargle with antiseptic mouthwash, but it's not going away. Anyone have some insight? What can/should I do?

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  • ,it could be tooth related, you could try coconut oil pulling. It has so many positive reasons for use. Hope this helps.

  • Hi I’d be more inclined to say tooth related .. but manuka honey in warm water really helps. I get them a lot and that seems to keep them away. I just put spoonful in my drinks. But not too hot water. As it damages it’s healing properties:) hope this helps looks very sore

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  • Make an appointment with your dentist. They are best to advise with all mouth related issues. Do you often get it? For mouth sores I was prescribed Hydrocortisone 2.5 mg muco-adhesive buccal tablets which were very effective and helped tremendously with the soreness and being able to eat.

  • Most of the time, I get sores in my nose. This area has been particularly painful and it is lasting a good while. I will be speaking to the dentist about it. Thanks for your response. =)

  • Is that an amalgam filling? You could be reacting to that even if you have had it for years. I had mine removed when I was having mouth problems, which left me so much better. The immune system when overloaded starts to react to all the toxic stuff in our bodies and especially our mouths! You would need to find a good dentist who knows how to remove it safely - it is dangerous stuff - do your own research.

  • This is worth considering. I had all my amalgam fillings replaced quite a few years ago and gradually my general health improved - things like fatigue, headaches and joint pains reduced.

  • Yes, this is the case for many, but it is necessary to find the right dentist as it can be a very toxic process otherwise. Many dentists are now wise about the dangers of amalgam and don't use it, but others still need to be convinced - can't think why! The mercury reading in my mouth was sky high before I had them removed. Wise dentists know the dangers and even for themselves working with it and extracting it.

  • I have a dentist appointment next month, and I will ask him about the amalgam issue. I have wondered that in the past. I don't know if it is coincidence, but I started having autoimmune issues after I had a tooth implant done in 2010/11.

  • It could well be connected as we seem to be very sensitive souls. I find I have to work out many things that affect me for myself because others are not always that knowledgeable.

  • I would see your gp or dentist. I use Difflam for mouth sores prescribed by the dental hospital and a variety of other mouthwashes that I buy mostly from Boots. I went there specially to look for products when I had an open sore 2 or 3 months ago. I have primary sjogrens causing problems

  • This is all right for those who can tolerate it, but I couldn't and can't. I am very sensitive to all chemicals. I use salt for any mouth problems, herbs and eat raw garlic, too. Many Lupus patients are very sensitive like me, I find at the support group.

  • A warm salt water gargle/rinse is always what my mother prescribed for a sore throat. It does wonders. Personally, I could never do the garlic. Gag! Haha, but thanks for the tips!

  • Yes, garlic is not for everyone!

  • Hi Shareasmile,

    Have you spoken to your GP or rheumatologist about this?

    We published an article on our blog about coping with oral and nasal ulcers which contains helpful tips and information which you can read here:

  • Thanks for the link! I will most definitely show my rheumatologist the picture when I see her in December. Currently, my diagnosis is UCTD, so I will be curious to hear her opinion.

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