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Didnt have a good night

Hello all

Hope u all had a better sleep than i did. Couple of days ago i started feeling pain from my botton down my thighs. It get worse when i seat or if my hand touch it. It became worse yesterday, seating in the car was pain, it became worse as the day went by. I had my oromoph around 3.55pm i had a feeling the back of my thighs were swollen. I ashed my mum to take a look and feel it. She felt various lumps and it was painful at every touch. She applied algesal on it during the night, but i still cant seat on any hard surface and so i cant go to church or get out of bed.

Then as i slept off, i felt as if somthing dropped in my through and about to choke me, so i started coughing after awhile i had some sipps of water, coughed a few more times again an then went back to bed.

At about 4am i woke up with what felt like a ball of fire an inche bellow chest. It pulled up and down, felt thight, felt a painful burn (i felt i was dying). I screamed for my mum but she was asleep so i reached for my GT spray (which was just beside me). I could not tell if it was acid reflux or my heart, so i said i use the GT spray 1st if it doesnt work then i try the gaviscon ( but i need help to get to the gaviscon). So i used my GT spray, raised my bed in a seating position ( with the remote control) and after a while the burn calmed down and i called my mum again and she came in and i let her know what just happened. I dnt know what to call what happened but am staying in bed am abit worried that i will be alone in the house while the go to church. What is i have another episode? I dnt feel to good in my chest areas even as i write this post but i dnt to worry my mum. I have my spray and a phone incase of emergency. Thanks God bless.

Ijeasike xxx

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