After my first 2 wolf attacks which disabled me from my normal life for five months. I am finally returning to some normality. A little back ground:- I had to leave my husband and rabbit in a different country to seek help in the UK. I have been away from them for four months.

With now time off work I had to assess the damage it has caused after the storm. I spend one whole week on doing the house work that has been missed for five months (yes imagine). That is not the worst… My rabbit has forgotten who I am, that hurt so much. I had him for five years. Not sure if my husband remembers me very much either :-/ That’s not it and the worst still to come… I was going through my shoes cupboard, the wolf has beaten my feet so badly I don’t fit into most of my shoes anymore. Especially the high heels….. Well I survived three long haul flights with a blood clot. I will survive departing myself with the high heel shoes. This will keep me busy on eBay. Doubt very much my feet will ever return to its original size, but at least I will make some money lol.


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6 Replies

  • I totally get your story. All of it. I had to remove my gorgeous high heeled shoes also. Don't worry - your rabbit will love you again. Take it easy getting back to household routines - that's a long time to be apart

  • I had that battle too. Boring old not quite flat shoes from now on. So I make up for that by indulging my vain side with nails, hair, make up. I'm no fashionista so hubby has paid for a personal shopper experience for when I lose some weight xx

  • So right lol, I just done my nails this morning.

    That so nice of him, enjoy the shopping:-)

  • I too joined the boring shoe brigade after plantar fasciitis, I still can't bear to get rid of all my lovely shoes... Sketchers and comfortable walking shoes now. Good luck with the purge. I think if your rabbit gets fed by you he will slowly come around, sad though... Hubbies become bachelor's again, was away for training for work alot and mine is gone into self mode, still curious what to do....ML

  • Now I can start feel what the life changing part is all about. I am sure there is more to come. Just been asked to go see a manager at work on Friday:-)

  • Good luck. My manager was pretty supportive and will have to face HR soon & finally told my work colleagues that I have autoimmune issues (they were aware of my need to hide from the light). Agree with your statement on life changing still getting my head around this.... Let us know how it goes...😄 ML

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