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Tripped and fell - black and blue leg 😢😢

I tripped up a kerb and badly bashed my good leg (other has had tkr!). Thought it was just a graze under my jeans. After not much time it started to bruise and swell and was very sore. Did the usual - rest ice elevate - compression socks worn because of lymphodema. Had to see doctor for something else and showed him and he said "oh that'll be sore and bruise will spread all down your leg" - and it did - nearly all of lower leg been many shades of blue purple green red. Anyway ten days gone by and bruising still there but not as dense, but leg still little sore. What I really want to know is, would this shock cause something of a flare because suddenly my joints and muscles are crying out, feel very stiff and sore around hips back and knees and struggle to get out of chair. Get so cross with myself - hate the indignity of it all - fall was very undignified too - had just been for test drive in very nice car with very nice salesman and was trying to be very ladylike and smart - then there I was flat on my face in his showroom - how embarrassing !!😡😡😡

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Hi yes unfortunately a fall can start lots of things off. Just keep a eye on things and if it does not improve then go and have a word with your GP. Sorry to hear about the embarrassing fall ☺️😊 I am sure he was there to rescue you 👍😃. Did you get your dream car 🚗. Take good care of yourself. 🤗🤗🌹🌺🌸🌷xxx

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Salesman wasn't much of a gent, but poor hubby and another helped out this 'slightly' overweight body!!!🤔 And yes did order car, but from different dealer!! Poor hubby giving up his dream car to buy one more suited to wife with limited mobility - but we've compromised and it is still 'very nice' .

Bruising subsiding but still got very sore foot - will check it out with GP next week when go to get results of hip X-ray - never a dull moment with AI conditions - got to keep smiling sometimes or you'd become total wreck (even tho sometimes you might look and feel one🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️).

Silvergilt, I too have bladder weakness so was glad was able to 'contain' myself in that department!

Thanks for good wishes - always good to hear from like spirits.



Yes, it certainly can. The body doesn't just injure by bruising, but the shock goes through the entire body, and if you tried to stop yourself from falling that stresses and pulls other muscles. I'm semi-incontinent and so when I fell a few months ago, I ended up also having to deal with my bladder muscles releasing. Thankfully was st home but that was humiliating:/ I find even a small trauma can trigger a big flare so if you feel you are flaring I would raise it with your health team. I wish you recovery!


Something like that causes a flare for me - not lupus but nevertheless an a/i disorder.


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