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Migraine woe

Hi all,

Finished my trial of prednisolone 4 days ago and am now having major migraine issues. I had 3 yesterday - all with aura - and now have a banging headache and nausea (which is my more usual type of migraine.

I suppose I should have expected it, as I had aura/migraine after my first dose of prednisolone and then nothing (in fact I felt pretty good) until I got down to 7.5mg daily (then had like a mini flare), but now it's stopped completely I feel a bit wretched, to be honest. All my joint pain is back too - woken up at 5 am by pain in my hands this morning.

Right, moan over 😉

Hope you all have a good day x

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This is no picnic...we gotta moan at these times 🤷‍♀️

What do you think this signifies? Have you've proven pred helps...and your bod resents being deprived on a daily therapeutic maintenance dose?

For what it's worth: I've managed migraine all my life. I have a powerful prescrip NSAID that saves my long as it's taken at the first hint of a migraine coming on. In the 40 years before I got onto daily combined therapy lupus meds, I tended to have rather less migraine frequency. Who knows whether it's my bod coping with my load of prescrip meds, or my age + general debilitation causing this increase in migraine frequency, or other factors. But the pattern you're describing is ringing a bell with me. I hope you're reporting this to your gp & rheumatologist asap. And I hope you have migraine meds that help.

Take care 🍀😘🍀😘 coco

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Thanks Coco,

I am pretty sure it proves I need prednisolone! I think the rheumy's plan was to see if any of my symptoms improved on the pred and then think about an immune suppressant - I'm currently just on Hydroxychloroquine and pain meds. I can't take Naproxen as it makes me aggitated, so I usually blast a migraine with 1g paracetamol and 600mg ibuprofen and some domperidone for the nausea. The vasoconstrictors don't work on me.

I think I first developed Lupus symptoms when I was 21. I got what I thought was a bad bout of sunstroke at Glastonbury festival, but felt really ill for about 4 years (fatigue, nausea, terrible migraines, unexplained fevers, rash on my face which I was told was rosacea, suddenly couldn't wear high heels anymore as they hurt my feet and knees - you know the score), but after I had my son when I was 26, it all got better and then I only used to really get hormonal migraine and I could sit in the sun again. It all started to come back about 7 years ago, but became pretty obvious things were 'wrong' about 2 years ago. I assumed I had rheumatoid arthritis, as my dad had been diagnosed with that about the same age as me, but it turned out to be Lupus. My rheumy says that in hindsight, my dad probably had Lupus too (especially as he had the classic Malar rash, but was told it was part of his psoriasis), but it wasn't really thought of as a possibility.

Anyway, I'm rambling - no change there!

Take care 💐 xxx

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👍 Sounds right! And your story is v interesting...your lupus started v early like mine (I was diagnosed as an infant...oh my do I have emotions of crazy sun reactions growing up 🤦‍♀️ )

Take care 🍀😘

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Sorry to hear you are suffering, nurseladybird, but I see you are not asking for help. Just as well. My only answer is ice. Ice for migraines, ice for toothache, ice for flushes, ice for tea.

Hope you feel better soonest x

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You're right Whisperit, ice helps lots! I have one of those lovely old fashioned ice bags that you see in old American films, that people put on their heads when they have hangovers. I must look it out and make some ice cubes 👍🏻


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