Migraine and disturbed vision

Over the last 9 days I've had five migraines which always begin with the sudden onset of disturbed vision (aura), I've suffered migraine in the past but not had one in a long time. Prior to the migraines starting I was feeling well with no other symptoms except muscle twitching in my upper left arm (which is a totally new thing and may just be random and not associated with anything in particular)! Last year I was diagnosed with macular degeneration in one eye and was worried the migraine may be connected. However the nurse at the macular clinic doesn't think do (although this was an over the phone conversation) and I went to the opticians today and had an eye test which seemed ok.v was wondering if any other lupus/APS suffers have had similar symptoms

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  • Yes, I have Sally. It's termed "cluster migraines" and is very common in SLE. Highly distressing/disabling but thankfully benign.

  • Thanks for replying I guess it's just something else to add to the list. I just never want to accept all these things are lupus related!

  • Hi sally I have suffered from migraines alot got my eyes tested and got glasses also my doc told me plaquenil tablets can damage ur eye sight :/

  • Both lupus and APS cause headaches/migraines but if the lupus/Aps are under control, so should the migraines. Still, this weather hasn't helped, so it might be that. If they persist for more than few weeks, see your GP - he might prescribe different medication for the migraine specifically.

  • I agree that migraine is very common, and yours does sound like migraine with aura.

    However my symptoms of migraine with aura suddenly became more frequent (similar to your experience) and when I mentioned it to my rheumatologist she referred me to a neurologist to ensure it wasn't lupus affecting my brain. The neurologist was happy it wasn't, but nevertheless it does demonstrate that it's worthwhile informing your doctors of a change in symptoms or change in pattern of symptoms.

  • I've spoken to the nurse at the rheumatology clinic whose arranging some blood tests to check for inflammation. I did suggest this to my GP but he wasn't interested!

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