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Sneezing, runny nose only in warm sun?

I've had this symptom for a number of years. Never really asked my doctor about it. Now my daughter (19 years old) gets it too.

I've tried many different allergy meds but nothing eases it. All the doc says... lupus I guess. But I don't have SLE technically yet. Rheumy says no, my GP is still convinced that I have it. So, I'm saying no, I only have Discoid.

Sneezing can drive me crazy (I'm a whole body jerk type of sneezed lol).

we've been tested for allergies and they come back negative every time.

Does anyone else suffer like this too? Only happens on warmer sunny days.


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I've had this symptom my whole life. The sun has never been good to me. I get terrible skin issues in the sun and the sneezing is just horrible but I also have allergies so who really knows for sure.


I get bouts of sneezing, sometimes its signs of a nose bleed and I can feel the build up, sometimes its just irritation. I had hay fever badly in my teens, what my mother called a summer cold every year but it got better over the years. Still allergic to pollen but it doesnt bother me as much as it used to. Hard to say, seems to me that sometimes things cant be explained, it could be anything in the air or something in the suns rays that just irritates your nose...

I have mild Lupus, diagnosed in 2005 and take hydroxy to keep it under control..asthma that I have 3 sprays for and they help with that..primary sjogrens that drives me mad, no suitable drugs for that..all immune problems

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