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I'm new to the site

I was under the hospital for 12 months with Lupus symptoms

But blood tests kept coming back negative and in February this year they discharged me. I am still suffering my symptoms are

Pain in my neck legs,feet.tingling and burning sensation fatigue

Fingers go white when first out in the sun with burning sensation. Face goes very red.

Also keep being lightheaded.

Any one else got any suggestions for me.

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Its not unusual for blood tests to show nothing in the early stages. Mine show very little still & I've been Ill for years.

Read the Lupus UK leaflet on "The Diagnosis of Lupus" - in some people the symptoms develop over time & it says that in this leaflet as well as saying it is often necessary to start treatment before diagnosis.

Then if you are not receiving treatment show this to your GP & ask for a second opinion. Knowing what I know now I would go to a Lupus centre of excellence.

Sarah x

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I'm sorry you having a tough time.

I have all the lupus symptoms 'malar rash', swollen joints (X-ray normal),

Extreme fatigue, dry eyes and light sensitivity. The other thing I haven't suffered from is hair loss.

Over the past couple of years I have had several flares. The rheumatologist has diagnosed me with SLE and I take Hydrocloxichlorine, Steroids, Naproxen, Omerperazole and have been given high factor sun cream on prescription.

Every time they test my bloods including a double strength test it comes back negative but they have still diagnosed me with SLE.

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Hi Margo1949,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK HealthUnlocked Community!

Have you thought about requesting a referral to see someone with a specialist interest in lupus? If you would like to know of any in your area or for information about our LUPUS UK Centres of Excellence, you can email me at

Extreme fatigue, muscle/joint aches and pains and increased sensitivity to light are all common symptoms associated with lupus. We offer a free information pack which discusses the symptoms and diagnosis of lupus, you can download or request the pack at .


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