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Had tears with laughter today at rumi appointment

Went for follow up appointment today went through all the up and downs as you do ,asked for methatrexate injection instead of tabs due to fealing crappy after taking it he agreed and hopefully will get training Thursday but laf he asked how my hand were told him there pretty bad and asked for something for the rainods asked why I was not on Meds for this and told him I was on somthing about 20 yrs ago but it gave me terrible head aches then said there is a drug just been licensed for rainods it work very well and had lots of good feed back But you will have to deal with the consequences your self at work VIAGRA ha ha Got back wife said no chance But my hand will be bad really bad You got to laff all joking aside a really good appointment

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I can't take meds for raynauds, but a member here (female) is trying sildenafil ( Viagra). I'm sure you'll get some feedback.

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Good to hear that it went well. Be interested in what you decide!


I think that's me Lupiknits means! I've been taking the smallest amount of Sildenafil every night for 3 weeks but as I'm a middle aged woman I can't say it has the kind of consequences you'd encounter!

There are some men on the Raynauds & Scleroderma HU who take it though so you could ask how they deal with the more "classic" consequences by posting there. So far I've not noticed much change apart from a blocked nose. And this is apparently because we have erectyle tissue in our nasal passages - live and learn eh?!

Joking aside it's had brilliant results for many of those with Scleroderma. The sinus headaches were too much for me on the higher dose and anyway the weather has improved a lot so I don't think I'm needing the full dose.

Methotrexate injections made a big difference to me although finally I had to quit. Hope they help you too.


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