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Wet feeling in ankle

I have x8 screws and a plate in my right ankle accident which happened coming up a year next month.

I also suffer with damage nerves in right side of my ankle where plate and 6 off the screws were put in this damaged nerves also affects my foot with a bruised feeling and 2 of my toes are numb.

I have just started to feel sensation of my ankle and left side of lower shin feeling wet but is dry.

I not sure if anyone has or is going through this.

I am still suffering with pain where 2 of the screws are in my ankle and the damaged nerves and now this ... so getting me down

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Hello Kazz65,

Do you have a diagnosis of lupus or a related auto-immune disorder?

Following a femur fracture and IM nailing nearly 4 years ago, I've had a degree of chronic pain around the break sites and altered sensation of the skin around my hip. I'm in touch with a lots of other boken femur survivors who report similar things, and I'm sure it could also apply in your situation too.

In my case, it doesn't seem to have been affected by my developing UCTD subsequently.

I imagine the best place to start would be to discuss it with your orthopaedic consultant, or maybe a physiotherapist, if you are still on their books? I do hope you find some relief in any case x

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Thank you for your reply... I don't have lupus but I do see my tramua orthepidic doctor end off this month I shall mention about the wet feeling and go from their.

Thank you

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I really sympathise with you, it must be dire! I have a Titanium plate in my skull as the result of a brain tumour removal. It has been there for 15 years now, without causing any side-effects that weren't already there, but when Lupus began, I started to hear a very loud pulse near my right ear whenever I lie down. I sounds like somebody making a click with their finger and thumb about half an inch away and it is very loud and keeps me awake at night. My Dr sent me to a hearing clinic, who told me it was Tinnitus, but tinnitus is hearing a sound that isn't really there, and this is most definitely a nearby pulse and can't be silenced, it seems.

However - on the good side, it doesn't hurt, or give any [other] side effects; I simply have to take sleeping pills when it gets too bad. Ear plugs don't affect it, because it's inside my head nearby to my auditory system. Yours is worse and it sucks!!!


Yes my problems kicked off after having titanium rods and screws. Lots of weird sensations and pain. Was allergic to the metals. Maybe testing is required?


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