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Interesting article about Inflammation and disease

I came across this research the other day after finding out from nutritionist about NAC, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. I was told this amino acid would help cleanse my liver since I have been feelng discomfort there for awhile.

It has been working wonders for me. Just sharing. Not for everyone, but they did address inflammation in the article. I will share the 600 mg is too much for my body (made me really dizzy), so I open the capsule and throw a little in a glass of water. I beieve it is supposed to boost bile production too. If it bothers my stomach, I stop drinking. Take with food.

I am not on medicine, nor am I a doctor or nutritionist. This was discovered accidently by me. I also know I had the swine flu 7-8 years ago...Is the flu common in the UK as here? I also have West Nile mosquitos down the block in the pond near my home. Wonder if all our inflammation and illnesses are due to viruses. The dr I did a food plan with had onions and garlic in every meal. Kills bacteria, viruses. Hmmmm?

I will also like to note that my breathing has improved a lot. Research said can help Copd. I have no been diagnosed with that, bu have had breathing difficulties for years.

Be well today!

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Maybe not a good idea to open capsule. Upsets my stomach a little. I will look for a lower dose.


Yes, I believe you are on the right track. I have not read the article but many years ago when I was about to go on a biologic IV drug that would effect my liver, a very good friend of mine insisted I take N-Acetyl-Ceystine.

He was an emergency room doctor and told me this is what they give patients when they over dose with certain drugs, it halos save the liver.

So my rheumatologist took my liver function tests, I started on the NAC, weeks later started the chemo biologics and he was amazed, my liver function tests were not only not down because of the chemo, but were better. That was due to the NAC.

My dose is 750 mg 2 x a day.

I am on Rituxan , an IV chemo as well as Methotrexate.6 weekly injections chemo and my liver functions have never faltered.

I too am not a doctor, but I am under the care of a lot of fantastic ones and I too swear by this drug.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

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Thank you for sharing zzcat.....good news.


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