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Felodipine and EM?

Have been given Felodipine to help lessen the chilblains I've developed on my toes as well as the Reynaud's. Wondering, though, if anyone has had experience with it with EM? Will try it, but little concerned (granted, I am not a doc, just don't want flares worse!) as it's supposed to make the blood vessels relax and widen - doc (different to my usual doc) says it shouldn't cause probs, but that EM is so rare and uncommon that nobody is quite sure how to treat it.

Which, fair enough, but... Ohh, I've just gone in a circle. I think I've made enough sense without having to go and try to fix what I wrote already.😕

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Hi. I did try Nifedipine for six months and found it worked okay but then summer was on its way when I started. Finally it made my legs swell too much. Now newly on Sildenafil for my chilblains but it's making me feel very ill indeed so far. I know many who do well on the "pine" family for their Raynauds but I'm terribly drug intolerant.


I've heard to absolutely steer clear of Sildinifil if you have EM, though. I may be wrong, not discussed with a doc, but have come across posts saying it made it infinitely worse. So??

Have taken the fist tablet a few hours ago, obviously very early yet, but fingers crossed

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To be honest I'm thinking this isn't going to work out for me but I'm on the lowest dose possible so maybe I should hang in there and give it a chance. I've only ever had drug induced EM from Nifedipine - and very mildly indeed a few times with the Sildenafil. It's much less nasty than the awful burning small fibre neuropathy I have suffered from for years though. But the Sildenafil seems to be triggering a massive flare up of this and everything else too!

For me it's always wind chill for Raynauds that's the trigger rather than still, frosty days. So up here it's mild and very sunny but I'm dressed in winter clothes with hat and scarf and gloves because it's quite windy!

Best of luck for both us with our new Raynauds meds eh!


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