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Cooling feet spray or lotion - EM?

Was just reading my Avon catalogue - they have advertised both a cooling foot spray as well as a lotion.

Has anyone tried anything like this before? Worth a go?

It'll take a few months to arrive if I order it through Avon (which I am contemplating) - but if you have tried a specific brand and had luck with, or not had luck with, let me know!

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Yes: I've tried cooling sprays & lotions of various brands for my simultaneous erythromelalgia & raynauds. Of all those, the products that help me most are L'Occitane "pure shea butter" (comes in a big tin) & L'occitane "shea butter ultra rich body cream" (comes in a big tub). I also have a big prob with thick rough skin building up on my feet (heel area especially) making them sore generally & the EM+RP even worse. So every single week I file the heel-area roughness down vigorously....my feeling is that this weekly filing permits the moisturising products to get through into my skin.

So: In the morning after showering, I slather on LOTS of the pure shea butter before putting on my ultra thin cotton socks. After my nap in the late afternoon, I slather on the cream before putting on a fresh pair of socks. And meanwhile I treat my hands & wrists to as much massaging & moisturining as I do my feet & ankles. My EM cycle usually sees EM flaring from afternoon into evening & overnight....applying the cream after my nap helps me to survive the flares.

The various cooling sprays I trialled didn't help me at all...my feeling is that is cause they are much more superficial treatments...VS the moisturising shea products which seem to penetrate deeper so long as I apply generously & spend plenty of time rubbing them in (I allow at least 5 minutes)

I have no doubt that, in my case, the EM responds positively to generous applications of shea butter products rubbed in well. I stick to l'Occitane because it's not heavily perfumed (I'm reactive to scented products). If shea butter stops doing the trick for me, I'll try double base gel (am already using another emollient produced by the double base manufacturer daily in my lichen sclerosus treatment plan):


hope something in there helps

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco


This has helped my feet, i originally bought it for my face but it didn't seem moisuring enough, though it cooled the malar rash down. amazon.co.uk/Handmade-Natur...

An expensive cooling spray which I do use on my face is Avene's thermal spring water in an aerosol can. A small can fits in my handbag and really calms my face down.

Hoe this helps


Before I even knew I had Discoid or Sjogren's- I used Olbas Oil on my burning feet. It calms them too, at night. When I get restless leg. However, a less smelly and really good and inexpensive gel called Deep Freeze is a miracle worker! Mine are really bad at night and I promise you this works. Can buy from Tesco or other supermarkets about Β£4 - double that price is Bio Freeze which my Osteopath used. The Β£1 shops have a small tube of Deep Freeze which I keep in my car during the summer. Do try this before you go to the time and expense of Avon. Good luck - let us know if this works for you


Have you tried essential oils? You can make your own. I add a couple of drops of Lavender or Peppermint and it has a similar effect.

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Vjust about to go to bed, and just checked these all - some brilliant ideas! Mine get hard and cracked too, at times, but I can't deal with sanding them back, have hated having my feet touched for as long as I can remember, only can just handle putting lotion on them. I can wear thin socks if it's cold in the morning, but only for a few hours before it starts to bother me, so was interested when I saw the cooling sprays I thought it'd be a good thing to try - but never have tried just Shea butter, nor making my own, always have had honeysuckle, but peppermint or tea tree, both are quite evaporative. So great ideas!

Just saw a thing about peppermint tea and tea bags used for em, or for lupus rashes, too, so...? I don't have the rashes really, but will try for flares I think - worth a go I think!

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I just use a few drops of peppermint oil in some sweet almond oil usually.

My daughters bought me some elemis muscle active body oil for mothers day, it has Rosemary, sea buckthorn and sea fennel in it. I think that it is expensive but I would definitely buy some when it runs out, it's cooling and relaxing for my feet and hands.


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