DHEA treatment for lupus, anyone ever experienced this?

I just got my blood tested. My cortisol level is normal, but my DHEA is low. I got 36, the standard is 65-90. Has anyone ever experienced dhea treatment? Tomorrow will meet my doctor but Im not sure what treatment I will have, considering the one who wanted to get cortisol and dhea test is me, not from the doctor. Could this low DHEA is somehow the reason why I got hairloss?


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  • I had hair-loss too and my DHEA is low - hormonal. Treating it, I read is quite dangerous as it is difficult to get the right amount, but I did use homeopathic ACTH as I needed that, too, and I feel that is helping.

  • Never heard of that treatment. Do u still have hairloss? Because I have hairloss once, then it grew back. Then I got hairloss again.

  • Like you, it comes and goes - I think it is hormonal due to immune system problem and inflammation especially in the gut because if we can't absorb the nutrients properly, the body stops supporting systems that can be dispensed with i.e. hair - we can live without hair.

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