DHEA treatment for lupus, anyone ever experienced this?

I just got my blood tested. My cortisol level is normal, but my DHEA is low. I got 36, the standard is 65-90. Has anyone ever experienced dhea treatment? Tomorrow will meet my doctor but Im not sure what treatment I will have, considering the one who wanted to get cortisol and dhea test is me, not from the doctor. Could this low DHEA is somehow the reason why I got hairloss?

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  • I had hair-loss too and my DHEA is low - hormonal. Treating it, I read is quite dangerous as it is difficult to get the right amount, but I did use homeopathic ACTH as I needed that, too, and I feel that is helping.

  • Never heard of that treatment. Do u still have hairloss? Because I have hairloss once, then it grew back. Then I got hairloss again.

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