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I have sle And over the past 2 or so years , at least once a month, I'll get really cold and shivery, my legs will ache and I will literally feel as though I can't move. Sometimes I'll have a headache as well. It comes on very suddenly and it's like my body has just completely seized up and is giving up on me. Had it yesterday and I couldnt sit up or lift my arms to even get a drink from my bed side cabinet. Will last a few hours or I'll sleep it off then it's gone.

Anyone else experience anything like this/ have any advice?

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Hi CharlotteLauren,

I havent been diagnosed yet but for the last three weeks ive felt like this too. Im so cold. My legs (esp thighs)and feet feel frozen but are somehow giving off a lot of burning heat. I feel like my joints are seizing up in my feet, knees and hips.

Im sorry i cant help but just to let you know youre not alone.



I get this frequently, I have a blanket over my legs all the time when watching the tv. The other day it was +20 outside and I was indoors with a blanket over me and heating on. I was freezing cold but head and face was bright red and burning. Most of the time when I'm like this I need to sleep, I too get very stiff.

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