Morning :) I was wondering if anyone could help give me some answers. I've got this rash on one of my breasts that seems to have an itch to it. I have had it for a few months now. I haven't seen a doctor as of yet as with lupus I seem to get rashes all the time! This however doesn't seem to be getting any better. It consists of two 2p coin sized rings with a red flaky outline and tiny small ones next to it. I am due to see a doctor on Monday as well as my follow up rheumatologist appointment on 25th may. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences similar symptoms. Thank you :) xx

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  • Go to your GP! It may be Lupus related but it's a common place to get fungal infections and other skin complaints that can look like that too, which may clear up quickly with some topical treatment. Good luck, I hope it clears soon whatever it is.

  • Looks similar to fungal infection I had just next to my breast but not quite in my armpit.need an anti fungal and hydrocortisone cream

    Cleared up within days but there s couple of other possibilities .mention to u r gp on Monday pls

  • That looks like ring worm to me. A GP would recognise it easily.

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