Not diagnosed but wondering

Not diagnosed but wondering

I already have CFS/ME, underactive thyroid, vit B12 and D deficiency. In the last few years I have noticed somethimes when I didn't feel so good (tired, achey, funny throat etc) I would have a red patch on one of my cheeks. I have even mentioned this to my doctor but she made no comment.

I have been feeling really tired achey, and dizzy at times for the last 10 days almost feeling like I had the flu as at times I was felt hot and cold (no rise in temperature though) and on some days I would have a partial red cheek.

Yesterday I woke up my a right cheek felt like it was on fire and the rash looked like a butterfly wing. Only my right cheek was affected. When I washed my hair the water felt warm on one side of my face and cold on the other.

Is it possible to have Lupus and the rash only comes on one side or am I worrying about nothing. Is there a specific test for Lupus which would rule it in or out that I can ask my doctor for.

Any comments appreciated please as to what I should do. I can probably guarantee that I can't get a GP appointment and the rash to appear at the same time.

I did take this photo yesterday.

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  • Hi carer999,

    The lupus rash can vary between people, so it is worth getting this investigated. Make sure you take some photos of the rash to show your GP in case it has gone by the time you get an appointment.

    There isn't a single test that can confirm or rule out a diagnosis of lupus. Lupus is diagnosed based on a combination of symptoms and blood test results. Two of the most important blood tests for lupus are an antinuclear antibody (ANA) test and an anti-dsDNA antibody test. You can read more about these and the other tests in our factsheet here -

  • Paul Thanks for the link. I will have a read when my head is a little less foggy. I did take a photo as you can see above. Do that look like the rash that some people get?

  • Hi carer999,

    I'm afraid that I am not medically trained so it would not be appropriate for me to comment on your rash and say whether it could be caused by lupus or something else.

  • In all of my research, lupus symptoms are almost always bilateral, but, everyone is different so as Paul said you need a physician to run the testing to make a diagnosis. Usually a diagnosis of lupus takes many years because there is a lot of criteria for diagnosis. The one exception is lupus nephritis when there is a confirmatory biopsy. I wish you the best in your journey. Nan

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