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Knees/legs SOOOOO Bad

So a couple of months ago I lost the last bit of my mobility through the worse flare I have every had, can no longer walk (just a couple of steps) the worst thing effected are both of my knees/legs, the pain leads from my knees up into my thighs and if I try to walk I lose my balance and the pain is so bad I then become very 'Neurological', Is this a the Lupus/Sjorgens/Hughes?

My knees and thighs literally feel like I've been beaten with a bat/no swelling but intense permanent pain and stiffness

I do think the Neuro stuff could be the Hughes as Prof Hughes believes my seizures could be caused by that

All this has been off and on for 3 years but WHAM its not gone away - Could I have a remission?

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I have the same when I have had any procedure to invade my body. Any thing that involves my immune system takes months to get back to somwhere Nr normal. I figured that my body has gone into overdrive. Rest is the only way to get better. Had a bowl procedure in January which started a major flare. Hope this helps. If not go see your Rumatoligist you don't need to suffer this on your own. 😘


Thanks, I have seen my Rheumy they cant do anything as I can take the meds needed


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