I had a letter of my rhumy today, my Lyme disease blood tests still are not back after having them done over 2 weeks... but the rest of my test are back... he has put at the top where it says diagnosis: polyarthralgia? I have no idea what this is i have been trying to Google but not a lot seems to be coming up about it?

Has anyone else got this or know anything of it?

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  • Polyarthralgia just means pain in a lot of joints, usually more than 5.



    It isn't a diagnosis as such - it is a summary of symptoms that can be caused by a range of different things.

  • It's a description of aches and pains in multiple joints but does not describe the cause.

  • I wonder why he has put that under the diagnosis.....

  • Possibly because a clear cause hasn't been established yet and this acknowledges a problem in the meantime. Frustrating but common practice I think.

  • As Rowan says - at least he is acknowledging your complaint. It starts as a "Presenting complaint" and will become a "Diagnosis"

  • From a nursing point of view, as has been said, it is just a descriptive term for lots of joint pain. Hes giving a description of what you have whilst waiting for a reason.

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