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Fatigue/insomnia - is mirtazapine helpful?

Since last summer, I have been experiencing very poor sleep, and extreme fatigue. Episodes of nausea, sweating and shaking seem to follow any exertion.

MY rheumy suggests that chronic insomnia is preventing my body recovering and perpetuating this extreme fatigue etc. So I have been on 30mg amitriptyline since early January, with a possible escalation to 50mg in due course. I've also tried zopiclone. But so far, this has had no effect on either sleep or fatigue. In conversation with a psychiatrist last week, he suggested mirtazapine 15mg as a suitable alternative.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of this? Thanks

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I'm sorry, I can't help much, but have taken Mirtazapine in the past and it made me sleep very well. I hope tou get some relief.


thanks - that IS a help, even if you don't think so! x


Mirtazepine is one of the newer anti depressants which works on different brain receptors compared to amitriptyline. It is really good at helping with insomnia but only at the lower dose of 15mgs, if increased above this dose it doesn't,t have same effect on insomnia but is a good anti depressant / anxiolytic. It does however make you hungry and weight gain can be a problem! (I am a trained mental health nurse) . Hope this helps x

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thanks, yes my psych friend did say something about the slightly paradoxical dose effects.

I think I am definitely going to try to persuade my gp to go for this, as the amitrip is having no good effects - 3 hours sleep a night and barely able to function during the day


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