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Weak painful legs


Sorry to moan again but ,had a hard week at work took my methatrexate Friday morning today my legs are as bad as they were before I was on methatrexate,hydroxy,not been this bad for a long time my wife and I went to a spar weekend last week took Meds as usual on Friday did nothing all day bar sauna jacuzzi and a couple of treatments woke up Saturday morning felt like a new man went to the outdoor jacuzzi at 7 am had no pain or aches for two days suppose what I'm trying to say is you forget what it like to be pain free but why it lasts it's bliss don't know if it was the heat from the sauna or the giggle we had .try a sauna see if it works for you

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Glad you had a good time and only a short relief is something, but I agree that we do forget what its like to be pain free. We think is that it, has it gone, then no, no it hasn't. Damn.

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