Fingertips wrinkles

Hi everyone, recently i started to have wrinkled fingertips even if they aren't in the water. For example sometimes while I'm driving. I'm still not diagnosed with lupus. I made lupus tests three months ago and they came negative. I made more tests a week ago but didn'treceive results yet. Today I'm worry about my fingers wrinkles. So please i need to know if this is a sign of lupus or not ? Many thx

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it can be a sign of vitamin d deficiency, might be worth getting a blood test

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How odd, my fingertips don't wrinkle but my cuticles are really sore and peel and sometimes bleed. I've always looked after my hands as psoriasis destroyed my thumb nailbed years ago but this soreness is quite recent. Just been put on bit d supplement so hopefully it'll help. Didn't know about that so thanks nigelsmum x



Yes, my fingers do the same thing. My issue is that my hands have been swelling and going down that it has stretched the skin, when I'm not swelled it makes the skin wrinkled.



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