the raging inflammation process often breaks after midnight?! i have been fighting severe inflammation and pain all day long with all the meds I have in my arsenal which didnt seem to help much then a few hours ago it started easing off then completely stopped?! It was like a fever suddenly breaking and the heat and pain going almost completely way...I am so relieved to get a break you would think that I would be flying around the house like a butterfly just bc I am able to get out of bed but after my body has spent all day long fighting in the inflammatory process, I am left feeling like I have just fought a war or ran in a really long marathon etc.!

Sometimes, I just lay in bed in relief with my whole body soaking wet from sweat when the heat dissipates and fall into a better sleep but if I am still awake and can work through feeling so drained it is best time for me to get something to eat, take a shower, do anything before it revs back up again!

But I have noticed a pattern here where if I do get a break it usually happens after midnight and last until early morning hours like maybe til 5 or 6 am then begins to start revving up again? I do have flares that last all night but it does seem to break more often during these hours? Has anyone else experienced this?

I have wondered does my autoimmune system just wear itself out? run out of energy?

Thank you for your help and responses?

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In several autoimmune disorders the body shed a load of inflammatory substances in the early morning - PMR and RA spring immediately to mind. I'm not sure about others. In some the untreated symptoms of the autoimmune disorder are worst in the morning and then resolve slowly over time only to restart the next day. If your body/whatever medication you are on manages to deal with the inflammation maybe it could work to form that sort of pattern, I don't know.


Hi rome43, I feel your pain and definitely I also go through the same process you are going through and it's horrible. I also go through seizures while I sleep. So hang in there!!! You just found some answers through this website. There's alot of people who are going through what we are going through. So keep in touch!! radiantr45


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