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Sorry to be a pain but had anyone gone from having a positive dsDna result to a negative one, as that's what has happened and I don't understand it, is it good or bad. Every time I go and see my consultants I'm sure they think I make things up, but nothing seems to be working. I had the rhemaximid infusion and have ended up with multiple fractures but if you go by my blood results everything is working fine, but I still feel like a truck had gone over me. Does anyone else feel the same or is it really in my head ????

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The tests don't mirror the symptoms closely but negative anti ds DNA is better than having a positive in general as a high positive is often an indicator of trouble ahead. Negative tests don't indicate that you should suddenly feel great but they could indicate that you are going in the right direction. Basically the results fluctuate a lot and your clinicians should also take not of your symptoms not JUST the tests. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi ajanjua,

dsDNA antibody levels can be useful for monitoring in lupus because in many people the levels fluctuate along with disease activity. Often when lupus activity is low (either spontaneously or as a result of treatment) the dsDNA levels may normalise or decrease.


No, not in your head. It's very real and has likely happened to many of us here. I know that it has happened to me many times.. one month positive ANA and the next time around, negative. Similar experiences with inflammation markers etc. All of this shows us how difficult a definitive diagnosis can be. A real diagnosis is generally reached by your doctor with your input as well as months and more months of watching test results. The most frustrating thing that I found was when I finally got the damn diagnosis that I had been trying so hard to pin on myself, it was a huge dissapointment. It was like, really, that's it? Try not to fall into the spinning trap of labeling things. In the end it's not always much of a deal. Your doctor needs to listen to you and pay attention to the entire package before he/she can ever really help. If you don't have that, move on. I truly hope you get to feeling better soon, and chances are you will if only for awhile.


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