Double Vision

Hi Guys,

A few days ago I developed double vision. My right eye was able to look right but did not look left it just froze. This resulted in a visit to A&E as everything I looked at was two. Blood tests, MRI, ECG all came back normal.

Within 24 hours my vision was almost back to normal however my right eye was bloodshot and felt bruised.

48 hours later all back to normal vision wise.

I did not bang my head and was not involved in a vehicular accident and did not have ant eye infection.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and did they ever receive a prognosis?

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That sounds really scary.

My first taught; do you take plaquenil? This medicine is known to give eye sight problems.

I hope it will stay away for you but also that you will find out what caused it.


Hi Marcella,

It was quite scary and yes I do take the plaquenil replacement by Zentiva. I have taken Hydroxy for over 10 years now. Maybe its time I stopped as I had these same thoughts also.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Could it have been a migraine? My husband sight can get distorted a times and the optician said it was a visual migraine without a headache. It maybe worth seeing the optician re this and the plaquenil. I hope it doesn't happen again as it must have been distressing x


Thanks Weathervane,

A migraine I never considered that. I have arranged an appointment with an optician and will update with the result of that.

Maybe I have been on hydroxy for too long. We shall see.

Many thanks for your comments

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