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Confused as hell!

So confused and annoyed... I'm now having letters from my rhumy to my gp saying I don't have a tissue disease or the first stage of lupus?! Every singe dr is telling me different since I was diagnosed in August..... i feel so stupid as I have had to tell work what I was diagnosed with as it had to go through my hr and health and safety...

if it is fibromalgyia is that the exact same as lupus or?

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No its different but proably just as debilitating


You need a propper diagnosis. You need to go back to the gp. I'm afraid that's all you can do.


I know it's very very annoying, I'm due for an op start of next year and he wants to make sure I have a proper diagnosis by then so they know how to look after me


I hope you get this sorted. It's good that they are keeping an eye. Goodluk with your operation. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year. Xxx


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