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Hey everyone.

I've had a weird symptom start over the last month or so. it started with my right ear feeling almost pressurised , like it needed to pop. it went away so I thought nothing of it. since then I am getting a fluttering sensation, almost like the sensation of water in my ear, kind of flickering. it's happening right now, it's not painful but it's highly irritating. I'm still getting muscle twitches and tremors, too. also, the last few nights I've had ringing in the same ear, loud enough for it to distract me from sleep, and as well aso the ringing, there was a buzzing sound and also like a clicking sound. it's starting to worry me. I'm at the Dr this Tuesday, and I'll get her to check my ears. I don't think it's an infection because I'm getting no other symptoms to signal an infection. I'm seeing a neurologist at the end of this month. I'm very anxious about it, because I'm scared to find out something else is wrong with me :( but at the same time I'll be glad to find out what's causing my muscle twitches and tremors, and hopefully get some peace of mind.

Anyway, just wondered if anyone else had had problems with hearing and ear irritation.

Hope everyone is well x

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  • Yes I have lots of these weird kind of symptoms all around my face and I have loud tinnitus all the time now too. No real answers I'm afraid but my neurologist says that I have small fibre neuropathy which is affecting my face and I believe it can cause tinnitus. This form of neuropathy is most common with Sjogrens I believe.

  • Hi

    It sounds like tinnitus, are you on hydroxychloroquine, tinnitus can be a side effect of the drug, see gp.

  • No I'm not taking any meds for lupus at the moment x

  • Ok think you need to get it checked out all the same

  • I agree with daisy & twitchy. Am glad you see your dr tomorrow. Please let us know how you get on

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  • So my Dr checked my ears and said they're fine, no infection or anything, and you come back if it continues. I wasn't expecting anything more than that really lol. I think I'll just wait to see the neurologist at the end of the month x thanks for all the responses :)

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    Hoping you'll post again after your neuro consultation

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