FIRST VISIT - what to expect?!

FIRST VISIT - what to expect?!

Hello :) I'm off to my first rheumatologist appointment tomorrow. I'm quite nervous as I don't know what to expect, and two I'm just hoping I don't just get told to go away. What was your first appointment like? Any tests? We're they friendly? How long was the appointment? and how was it all left? P.s does anyone else suffer with the lovely raynauds? Thankyou :) x

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  • When I went for my first appointment I brought a folder of any medical letters I had. Some people put together a medical cv.

    It is also worth buying down any key procedures or symptoms you've had with dates etc. Don't forget things you might think are vague

    When did symptoms start? Does anything make things worse?

    Are you on any meds?

    I was asked lots of questions plus examined so it's worth wearing loose easily removed clothing

    I had umpteen blood tests and urine was checked so try not to go for a wee straight before appointment!

    Bring a list of questions with you too.

    I always bring a notebook with me to note down what's said

    Rheumatologists like any other medic vary according to their bedside manner

    Allow a good few hours as clinics never run to time!

    Hope it goes well.

  • Thankyou :) I'm so nervous! my appointment is in an hour. I've been asked to bring a urine sample luckily as I can't stop weeing haha so I definetly wouldn't have been able to hold it out!!x

  • Ohh thanks Lauralulu for unwittingly reminding me - I would have forgotten to take pee sample on Monday to mine as always requested!

    Best of luck with your apt and be sure to take a print of these finger tips in case it's not cold enough for your fingers to oblige tomorrow! Prints of photos of any swolen joints, rashes or ulcers or calcium deposits would probably be really helpful for your consultant to see if you have any.

    I'll look out for posts from you telling us how it went.

    Twitchy x

    Ps sorry just realised you'll be there now not tomorrow -sorry up all night so brain fog!

  • Sorry I've probably just missed you before the appmt. Hope it went well anyhow. If it didn't, try not to despair. My experience is that, especially at the first appointment, specialists often want to get through a fairly standardised checklist of questions - they often don't want to make the time to just listen to what's on *your* mind. But hopefully, you were able to get that across too.

    Let us know how it went. x

  • I really hope everything went well for you. My first appointment wasn't with the consultant, but with his registrar. Seems this is the norm and went well though. It was basically noting all my symptoms, examining me and ordering tests so the results would be there for the consultant. My fingers are crossed that you had a good appointment with a great rheumatologist. Xx

  • Thanks GE - I've told people this before when they are all upset at not having seen "The Big Person" at the first appointment! Nice to know it still happens. I had it the other way round - Big Man first (who did not a lot) and at the followup got the minion who just repeated what had been done first time round and waffled. No further forward... So I voted with my feet!

  • Hello :) well I'm back with a diagnosis.. but I'm still not sure?!! I've made another post on it all and would be interested what you think? xx

  • Hi there,

    I hope your appointment has gone well.

    To prepare for further appointments, it might be a good idea to keep a diary of your symptoms and how you react to any medications you are given. You might also want to make a list of the questions you would like to ask your consultant in advance.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Lauralulu,

    We wrote an article about Raynaud's phenomenon and lupus last month and it includes loads of helpful tips from patients. You can read it at

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