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Is it just me or does anyone else forget passwords on a daily basis!! Aargh!!

The amount of times I've had to reset my passwords is a nightmare! I know I should write them down but I forget to and also would forget where I've written it!

It just drives me mad, I think right I won't forget that but yep I do!

How I actually get anywhere or anything done is a miracle and no wonder I get so many headaches it must be from thinking so hard all the time!

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Hi Sara_A

I do exactly the same thing.

I forget my pass word reset it,think of the first thing that springs to mind that is topical that day and use it.

Things like television 01 if I am watching TV,if in kitchen cooking tea it could be bolognaise 01 ,if just had letter in post Royalmail 01 but next day it's forgotten.

However the next day it's not topical it's not easy to remember any more.--- gggrrhh!!!!!

So we start again - where am I what am I doing?

You are not alone.

Take care




I made myself a system ... I have a base password that's the same across the board and then I add a letter at the front depending on what site I'm on. So Health unlocked would be H*********, lupus uk is L********, Facebook is F****** and so on. I still forget some then if they won't let you reset to one you've used before it messes me up but it's not as often as it used to be. If anyone works out my base password I'm totally stuffed though lol


That is a good one!

Sorry couldn't help laughing slightly at these responses, what are we like it's quite funny when u read it back that just remembering a word is so difficult!

I think I will try that one tho, mine is usually my pets name followed by my old house number and a symbol but I've had to change it so many times but I can never remember that I've changed it!

I dread to think what I'm gonna be like when I'm in my 80's-90's!!

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I have a small address book and write them down in that. I know you're not supposed to but I don't keep the address book anywhere near tablet, it's the only way I could function on internet with so many passwords

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I bought a small A to Z index book and I write in pencil in it so if you do need to reset a password the old one can be rubbed out and the new one inserted. It works a treat. Keep it near your computer or tablet. My partner has his own AZ index.

Being organised really reduces stress!


Yes, am going to the post office today so am going to get myself a little book or something.

Just seem to have days where my memory is worse, have an mri in 2 days to just check all ok but think it's prob tiredness!


Have a little note book and carry it with you around the house. I am sure none of us remember all our passwords - insane to think that anyone can in this mad world of so many!


Have you not thought about getting a password manager. There are some free ones available and all the browsers have their own as well. Goggle's password manager is very good; also Edge and Firefox. The idea is that you set just one password which protects all your other passwords, (so it has to be a strong one) and after the program opens it will automatically fill in your details directly. I have been using a paid for version for a lot of years now..... I couldn't do without it now..... Just do a search on the internet for 'password manager'. They are simple to use and you have only to remember one password.


I do that all the time. At times I get so frustrated because I have to reset all the time. I wrote some down and also misplaced the paper.

It seems to be getting worse by the day!

You are not alone! X


I'd just like to add to this post regarding memory... My latest thing is forgetting whether I have fed the cat! My cat has always been very greedy anyway so I'm sure he really doesn't mind! But I just can't remember this most days at the moment and it's soo frustrating!


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