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Electric shocks and neurologist

As you all know prior to recent post I suffer with electric shocks in my left side of head and fingers to chest and neck....

I have been told I should see a neurologist again from my rhumy, but I was unsure as saw one in early January as they thought I had MS but that was not the case.... he knew then about my electric shocks but has just left is as that. I went to see my GP this afternoon to see what she thinks but she does think I should too...

has anyone else been to see a neurologist to similar or the same symptoms

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Yes I have, a complete waste of time and money in my experience, I paid private to see him because I was worried about my symptoms, as was my GP.

All he did was test my reflexes, stuck pins in my feet and told me to follow a pen with my eyes, and said I was fine.

He first wrote to my GP and said he thought I had some sort of chronic fatigue syndrome.

He wrote again later after reviewing my medical notes and scan etc and asked my GP to do a nerve test on my arms and legs. Found carpel tunnel in both hands but no myopathy in my legs.

When I went to see him I had memory problems headaches, jerking, twitching and pains in my legs. Pins and needles down my right arm and pins and needles and numbness in my hands. Along with all the rhumy stuff like joint pain, muscle pain stiffness fatique, exhaustion, heavy legs etc etc.

The nerve pains are all intermittent, sometimes they settle down then return. Since seeing him I have developed burning in my toes and sharp electric shock symptoms, these are also intermittent, but I don't know whether that is due to hydroxychloroquine because started in Oct, after taking hydroxy for 3 months.

But if your rhumy thinks it is necessary, I would go, better safe than sorry!!!!


Hi im new here and just read your most with interest. I have similar facial symptoms My neuro sent me for a mri of upper chest neck and head. It showed i have trigeminal neuralgia, unfortunately because of lupus and epilespsy med i cant take meds to help so ive been referred to neuro surgeon who i see next week.


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