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Unsure even on a good day

I've been off work for over a week the fatigue and joint pain so bad I've had to use a stick for support and I've kept my outings very short. during this I've had good days where I could do more. Now I've had three good days, almost feel back to normal but I know before I've had this and then went don't Hill fast. Do I trust this and return to work or give it longer? There is also the problem of being one more period of sick away from possibly losing my job... Any advice?

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Hello.....I'm an RN and worked for one Hospital System for over 10 years. In 2014, I really started to struggle with getting through the work day and then going home and being a wife and mother. In September 2015, my Rheumy finally changed my Fibro diagnosis to Positive for Lupus. I first was on a one month LOA and the Hospital denied my Short term disability. In October 2015, I finally submitted my resignation, knowing I can't work. I can't rely on my body from one day to the next. It has been difficult financially, but the work stress is gone and I can focus on taking care of myself.

So I guess the bottom line is, if your body has changed and your disease will be permanent, you have to do what is best for you even though it is difficult. Hope this helped.


See the guides that the charity Lupus UK do about working. It is worth your employer having the guide suitable for them (When an employee has lupus - An employer's guide). It may be worth having occupational health involved to help put things in place for you

If you are in a union get their advise.

Also speak to your GP about what they think. It may be that an extra week or two off sick will allow your body to recover more fully and so prevent a spiral of feeeling OK and then having a flare in symptoms again

Lupus counts as a disability under equality law so your employer should try to make "reasonable adjustments" to help you stay in work

This could include things like allowing you a certain amount of "disability leave" that would not count as "sick days absence" so you may not have to worry about being only one period of sick away from the "ball rolling regarding disciplinary / capability proceedures"

Also it could be considered "reasonable" to allow you a few weeks to re-coup energy and see how stable you are before you go back.

Also they may allow/ suggest that you go back to work under some kind of "rehabilitation programme" where you start back with just a few hours / days at a time and build up to your full hours

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Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you have to deal with this dilemma. Having a succession of good and bad days must make it difficult for you to decide whether a return to work is the best option.

We produce a couple of leaflets on work and how to discuss your condition with your employer which you might find useful. You can download or request them on our website here:

Have you discussed your condition with your employer and maybe looked at options such as reduced hours or home working?


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