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Ginkgo biloba

I seen this herb chart in my chemist and it said this herb is good for blood flow for raynaud's syndrome, with the cold winter coming in, and being off aza I've noticed my hands getting white again, it's not painful and I don't want to take medication for it because it doesn't bother me that much just know be careful of hot water and such. It's more the look that's annoying.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this herb before?


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Hi there,

We would advise you to always check with your doctor first before taking any type of supplements as many can interfere with existing medication and/or have side-effects.


Oh I know just wanted to know if it has worked for anyone


I havent. I only use herbs in cooking now and then


Hi Jess, I take gingko for tinnitus and it's helped a lot, to keep the ringing lower. I get it in the USA at arches tinnitus. I have no experience with it for lupus related issues but if you get a high quality gingko it will thin the blood and help blood flow.


Yea I wanted to start trying to, for blood flow what the chemist said. I got tablet form once a day see how it goes I'm always cold as well lol. Seems a lot of spices and herbs have an issue with thinning the blood.


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