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I've had lupus for a long time almost thought I have been in remission but now not to is a bad day don't feel good glands swollen,very tired, legs not sure if they can hold you up.achey. I've realized when it comes to the end of the week I never feel many different symptoms but never feel good. Now I believe it's been the lupus. A few years ago I cut my hrs on Thursday so I could make it the rest of the week. Now after today I'm debating on cutting Thursdays completely. So tired of this disease and how it controls us and never sure why you feel like you do. Does anyone else have this midweek problem?

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Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. You might want to go and see your GP if you are starting to feel unwell again.

Cutting your hours at work if you can might be a good way to have a rest in the middle of the week that allows you to manage your condition better.

You might find our information on managing fatigue useful. You can download or request a leaflet on the topic here . You might also want to read this blog article

In addition, we have some information on how to manage the condition in the workplace, including a section about reducing your hours, which you might also find of interest,

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