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lupus? swelling and no pain

Ok...things been good for quite some time...My Gp lowered my thyroid meds..i was slightly over in normal range now...cough cough, suddenly i have a swollen left knee, but no pain there...i cant sleep well...gut stiff...Before they thought i was a mild lupus case, but it all seem to disappear for a while...Im suppose to have chondrocalcinosis in my knees, which i think comes from either thyroid meds or thyroid issues...BUT does lupus give knee swelling with no pain, no real heat either...stiff like a ginger bread boy though!!! Seems big doses of vit D got rid of finger pains i use to have (which were fairly mild)....i wasnt out of range yet when they checked my vitamin D levels...I read thyroid meds can deplete your vitamin D...(confusing, everything seems to mimic and overlap...)

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I have had hashimotos for many years and I always feel better when I am slightly over medicated - ie at the very upper end of normal. The Doctors dont always like it but I just know I am better for it. I also have a number of auto immune issues happening so it is always hard to pinpoint which one is doing what.

I do think it strange that hashimotos is only treated symptomatically and the underlying auto immune issue is ignored. They say it is a single organ auto immune issue, but maybe if they also treated it with plaquenil or similar, to try stop the thyroid antibodies in their track like they do with lupus then maybe thyroid sufferers would benefit.

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I think i too feel better slightly over medicated....I was on plaquinil for 2.5 years for the mild lupus and i tapered off it, then rhumey agreed to go off it...He says my lupus isnt very active at the moment....Its hard to know if plaquinil helped me..or what was happening...I was post menopause too...Its all similar in symptoms and over laps...but im going to listen very carefully to my body this time, casue i sure dont feel as good at the mo...I'll be fair and give it adjustment time, but....They forget we are not all the same exactly...


Hi there,

I am sorry that you are experiencing all these issues. You might want to have another chat with your medical team. Having a clear diagnosis will also help in term of controlling your symptoms.

You might find it useful to read our leaflet on lupus and the joints and muscles that you can download or request from our website

Let us know how you get on.


Its not so much a medical team...A new gp that doesnt listen too much, and i dont get to see my Rhumey anymore unless gp decides to start to send me again....Rhumey did see me for 2.5 years, but then said my lupus wasnt very active now...This all may be from my gp lowering my thyroid meds, if so its made me feel worse....She wont listen and just goes by lab numbers....I cant get her to retest my t4 which was almost out of range at 3.7..out of range would be 3.4...I do have a standing order at the hospital to retest my tsh, and i can do that in december...Its funny not knowing whether its from one thing or another...mild lupus, or hypothyroid...or even post menopause! Over here in BC Canada, your lucky if you get 10 minutes with the GP...I will read the literature...thank you


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