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Lupus face with red splotches

Hello everyone!

Does any Lupus patients out there feel like this?

Very quickly it feels like a hot breeze is blowing on your face and then you can look in the mirror and your face looks sunburned?

With me, it doesn't have to be my whole face, one day, my husband asked if I had been sitting outside because the whole right side of my face was blood red and stayed that way for hours. It happens frequently and leaves me with splotches that stays or moves for hours. my face will be warm to the touch and makes wearing make difficult!

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Hi there,

If you are concerned about the effect the condition can have on your skin, we have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which you might find useful and that you can download or request from our website at as well as another about light sensitivity

You might also find our blog article on how sunlight can affect people with lupus.


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Hi Jackpen1! My face does this a lot, but I've never known why. Sometimes my whole face is hot and bright red, but most of the time it seems to be just the right side. I've tried to find a correlation, but have yet to figure it out. It seems when it happens is when I'm just sitting, watching tv and not doing anything. I can see it happening if I was out in the sun or exerting myself, but I'm literally doing nothing. Hopefully someone will have some answers for you. :)

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I am so glad I'm not alone!!!! I'm not glad it's happening to you! I just mean it feels better not to be alone in the middle of the ocean of Lupus without a cruise ship or a row boat in site. if you would like, I'd love to talk to you or "type to you" I guess is the better way to put it. All the weird symptoms and strange rashes might not be so strange if you've had it or know about it!

Some days I have what looks lIke red welts right where my under eye meets my cheek. I've had it stay for days and then be gone when I woke up one day, BTW do you ever have rashes on your legs or any where that looks like a figure 8 on its side? Not like red spots but red outlines of circles on your legs or anywhere? My face thing is the worst tho. My husband came home one day and I had been watching movies on my computer with my son, my husband said "you said you weren't supposed to be in the sun" I said, I'm not, why? He said, "we'll your face is sunburned". I looked in the bathroom mirror and that was exactly what it looked like! I said, I haven't left the house! That was the first day it happened and it does it constantly now. My Mom had this, I got it from her side of my family. she had to take Prednisone and between the Lupus, Diabetes and steroids, her kidneys and Liver failed and I lost her in August of 2008. There is so many things I wish I had known! Thanx for writing!


Thanks for replying! yes I know about pc/ artificial ights. I wear make up and moisturizer that is spf 50, so I don't think that was an issue, not to mention that this happens in complete darkness. I don't think it's the problem but nice to mention for people who didn't know, thanx!


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