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Hi I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 years ago. Before being diagnosed I would frequently feel shaky, feel weak, my heart would pound and I would lose my focus in my eyes. It seemed to improve as my health did after I started my meds, however it's back and I'm feeling pretty lousy generally! Does anyone else ever get this feeling, is it hypoglycaemia and its it contacted to my lupus? Sorry for so many questions!

One other question - did you think your lupus is worse if your hormones are rampaging?

Thank you!

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It could also be due a periodic heart arrythmia - mine was atrial fibrillation, eventually decided to be due to the autoimmune part of my vasculitis (not lupus by the way).

Something to flag up with your GP at least and see if he can arrange a 24 hour ECG as a start - only of any use of course if you have an episode while it's on! It was also found that I have swinging BP levels - which occasionally tumble into their boots briefly and then I have very similar experiences. Coincidentally whenever they had checked my BP previously it had been well in normal range - and I would be complimented on what good BP I had for my age! You can also get 24 hour BP checks - but they aren't continuous and may miss one. I was lucky, one happened just as it started a measurement.

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I have similar symptoms, and also wondered whether they might be related to blood sugar levels. So I bought a blood glucose monitoring gadget from Boots (other pharmacists are available!).

My levels turn out to be normal, so in my case, at least, that's probably not the problem. Though that's not to say it isn't for you.

Like PMRpro suggests, there's plenty of scope for auto-immune disorders to cause heart issues in other ways! Hope yours resolves soon in any case x


I get this and it gets worse during flares. are u flaring at the moment? that may explain why its worse now.

I try to manage it by being alert to the hypo feeling, which is usually an indication that I need to have something to balance my blood sugar. I have been tested and I am not diabetic, so I believe it may be a lupus symptom.

I have also read that hypoglycaemia is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia

it would be interesting to hear if other lupies have experienced this.


I get it, but it's because I find it hard to eat enough and/or regularly enough. Best check with your doc though, of course. I'm thrilled that my hormones no longer rampage, so I can't say if there's a lupey connection.


Hi Zoeblu, have you spoken with your doctor about these symptoms? If you want more information about lupus and the heart, we have a factsheet at

I'm sure that many members here will be able to confirm that hormones can play a big role in how active their lupus is. Many people experience an increase or worsening of symptoms linked to their menstrual cycle.

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An overactive thyroid would also give you these symptoms & thyroid problems are sometimes a feature of Lupus. Just ask your GP to do a blood test for thyroid function. Good luck getting sorted


Thanks All

I'm pretty sure it's related to blood sugar as it improves if I eat but it seems to strike randomly, even if I've eaten a good breakfast. I have spoken to my consultant but typically it never happens when I'm near a doctor. I've also worn a heart monitor for 24 hours and the only time it rose slightly was when I was trying it get the kids to school which I'm sure sends most people heart rate up!!

I do have an under active thyroid and check my bloods regularly and they are fine.

I'm never quite sure if I'm having a flare - I have fibromyalgia too so I'm never really sure whether it's my lupus, thyroid or fibro! Hey hoo it kept saying life interesting - we like to play what's hurts on mummy today game!

Thanks for your words of wisdom - just having this group is a support in itself. I live in Singapore so it can be a little isolating.

Thanks again


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