Is this a flare?

I have Discoid Lupus and Sjogrens . After taking Hydroxychloroquine for several weeks I felt heaps better until last week. The awful dry retching cough I had came back as did fatigue and aches all over. I try not to start coughing and keep it at bay by sucking lemon sherbets and drinking lots of extra water, Is this a flare and if so will it pass? Grateful for experiences and advice.

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  • Hi cas

    Sorry to read your poorly. It might be a chest infection or flare can be hard to know!. If not better you should be checked by your GP who could run a blood test to see if your CRP is raised. If it is then you've got an infection. Whichever it is you need treatment soon to feel better. Hope you do. X

  • Thank you misty14 - for replying. I felt hopeless for a day as I felt so wretched. Getting an appt let alone a blood test at my GP is a long wait, plus they are mostly Locums at present. 2 good female docs left over the summer. A friend has a sister with Sjogrens and she called to say it sounded like my cough had returned due to a Lupus flare. I took her remedies Rest with Co-codamol for pain, (drinking lots and lots of water) not speaking for long periods and sucking lemon sweets. It began to lessen and although I still feel wheezy at times I don't let it get a hold as once the coughing starts ..... I came up in blood blisters underarm and groin and looking it up that's a bonus to all the other things we can endure. I am grateful that you replied as it is a lonely business this - I am sole carer for a poorly husband so not easy. Thank goodness for our sense of humour - Be Well x

  • Hi cas

    Glad to read you improved your symptoms with your friends help. Hope that continues. Your doctors surgery sounds in a mess, sign of these times sadly and a big worry for us patients. I hope like me you find the forum less isolating and helpful. It must be tough being ill and caring for your husband. Sense of humour is mandatory to cope with life I feel. Take Care. X

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