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Preventing lung infection, any thoughts?

Every year I end up with some form of lung infection that lasts for weeks - it's a pretty miserable time, to be honest! The house is old and I'm sure there's black mould lurking in it where I can't find it (there is definitely mould in the outbuildings). I've tried everything; I've got a dehumidifier which helps to purify the air, I've cracked the windows a little bit to allow for better circulation, I'm slow decluttering my house and hoovering to try and get the dust levels down but I'm already finding myself coughing and clearing my throat all day long since I turned the heating on (not having heating isn't an option, I can't move when it's cold). Any advice?

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Hi silvergilt, it's great that you've found a trigger for your lung infections & are taking preventative measures. I think Lupus became more active for me when I was living a private rented flat (building) full of damp, I called Environmental Health (UK govt agency) who assessed the flat/building condition/materials. I don't know what else to advise other than to move but I know it's not always that easy. The colder mths are high health risk for me as well so the fear of falling ill for mths makes me be more conscientious of my lifestyle. I'm praying for one winter for the 1st time in 6yrs so I'lll include you in them.

Best wishes to you x


Thanks very much - I am actually looking into moving but it's going to be a bit of a fight to do as when I got the bathroom adapted I had to sign an agreement not to move for five years, but there is a clause for allowance if health becomes worse (and it seems to be). The plan is to find a house with Dutchman in spring/summer, but I suspect I will be dealing with winter woes wherever we go, but having a toolkit for coping is something I'm trying to develop as I know it's pretty inevitable. Thankfully I'm working with a GP now who isn't quite as dismissive as her peers and I hope this means I can gear up before the weather really gets grim. Good luck to you in coping this year as well!


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