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still having the electric shocks

Hi all,

I put a post up about 2 months ago about getting electric shocks on the left side of my head.

I still get the electric shocks, but constant and lately daily.. But today i have had them literally one after another all day..

I usually get my shocks from fingers to my chest, my left side of head, bottom of left foot straight up leg or just smack middle of my chest..

My rhumo does know about my symptoms, i was on Hydroxychloroquine but had huge allergic reaction. Im awaiting to see a new professor in 10 days so hoping to be put on new meds.

Any more info would defo help, very down with constant pain i deal with every minute of the day..

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Hi Leanne....interesting that you call it electric shock pain. I get this pain that starts on the left side of my neck and up my neck around to the top back of my head. Very sharp pain. It lasts about a minute for me. Scares me to the. Point of crying. It happened often until i started seeing a chiropractor. Stopped for a year, and came back the other day. I believe the muscle tightens on my neck and it effects this nerve. I believe it is the vegus nerve. Chiro gave me a kind if natural muscle relaxer cream to put on. I use it when this muscle causes trouble. I am not sure why it does this. I am not positive this is true. This is my own opinion. Maybe you can mention to the dr. Good luck.

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I too was having them for the last 6 months. They stopped just over a week ago.

The only thing I can pin it down to is oxygen flowing in my muscles.

My partner gave me an intense massage just over a week ago. I haven't had one since. He hit every possible muscle, even my the tight muscle on my tailbone right in the crack of you know what, and what a difference it did.

Like you, I had electrical shocks from finger to wrist, or elbow or shoulder or neck and vice versa. Up and down legs, hips, toes, chest. Really random and came and went without cause or reason. Sometimes only for a moment sometimes less. Never went to dr about it.

I joked with my daughter, saying maybe I will sharpie where the shocks are to show the dr. They were so frequent and all over.


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