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SLE Lupus and recently diagnosed with fibroids

I've been living with systemic lupus for about 7-8 years now (I'm 32), and I was told this week that I have fibroids after years of suffering heavy periods, bad cramps/pain, nausea, dizziness, frequent urination, pressure in my tummy, etc. I currently have no children, but my partner and I would like to try in the next year or two. I have an appoint for a pelvic scan (trans-vaginal) tomorrow morning, but I'm freaking out ever so slightly. I desperately want to have kids soon and I have this awful feeling that the fibroids are going to create problems for us starting a family. I know I shouldn't panic until I've seen the results of the scan, but so far in life, every time I see a doctor, I leave their office with more bad news. I don't want to take more medication to deal with this and I don't want surgery as it could impact my fertility even more.

I'm so stressed and worried at the moment... Has anyone else had to deal with SLE, fibroids and TTC before? What was the outcome?

Thanks :)

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