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Finally getting there my daughter has already got a diagnosis of PLE rheumatologist contacted dermatologist who's has now replied and stated that he is happy for her to start hydroxy chloroquine he has also stated that after he has read the rrheumatologis it now makes sense and said PLE can occur as a result of autoimmune diseases especially lupus and sjogrens. So hopefully she can start the medication soon and start to feel better

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I dont know what PLE is?


You mean: emedicine.medscape.com/arti... or do you mean SLE?


Polymorphic light eruption (PLE) was what my daughter sun sensitvity was diagnosed has that was when her raised ana was discovered as well and we realised this could be linked to lots of other symptoms she was suffering from

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well that was quick Rheumatologist letter move her appoint up to October (was December) but we on holiday so I suggested the week after we come back. they want to see her sooner than that so the trying to get her an appointment in the next 2 weeks. I am taking this as a positive move although slightly worried


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