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Anyone had small nerve test?

Tomorrow going through yet another test. Hope this comes up with somethings. The really weird,can't describe as rash, look like circles. Started on face now working down to chest arms and legs. When it's going down looks like someone has tried to strangle me! Still not diagnosed. Feeling very ill and feel like I have been plugged into an electric socket. The feelings in my legs and face are driving me crazy. Lesions large on face now, took me 25 minutes to use green concealer and foundation and still look like I have a chin like Kirk Douglas (probably showing my age) please let me know if you've had this test. Thanks.

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I had nerve conduction tests last year but nothing showed up. This is typical of the type of neuropathy which affects the small nerve fibres. To me yours sounds different but I'm no expert. Have you looked up Vasculitis at all? It sounds awful whatever it is so you have my sympathy and I really hope you get some proper answers soon. Twitchy


Thanks yes I have looked at this but rash doesn't look same. So many things look so similar. Isn't it a complicated. Then have to wait for results for follow up at rhyme fingers crossed. Lottie

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Not a lupus rash? Or Discoid Lupus rash? Poor you, doesn't sound much fun. Hopefully some helpful results soon xx


Dear LottieD I wish you all the best for tomorrow , i do hope they will have answers for you . I have had those tests done, they did not really at that stage confirm anything either way for me. By -The- Way I always though Kirk Douglas a very handsome man! Best Wishes Pixiewixie


Thanks all for replying. My test for peripheral neuropathy. Went well. Saw consultant after test. He was the best one I have seen up to now. They said on bumph you would have to wait for results.So I was surprised when they said Ihad to wait to see him. Really nice man. Confirmed I have peripheral neuropathy. As yet not affecting hands. Can't cure but keep under control. My gp is great and has said this all along. Unfortunately today have had terrible flare up. My mouth is on fire yet again! Emergency appointment,again different gp (locum) . This time hydrocortisone tablets. Trying to keep it in place while writing. Oh joy can still multi! Don't tell DWP... Only joking...they are not paying me any way. Sent back statement to ask for mandatory reconsideration. Think stress of all this setting my nerves off. Thanks for listening yet again. Feel at least a step forward. He will send a report back to GP and neurologist she who said they wouldn't find anything! Just shows don't give up. Lots of hugs and support passed on to you all. Keep chipping away and don't give up. Believe in yourself. Blimey this tablet tastes awful!! I've put it on the biggest blister on top of mouth behind front teeth holding it with my tongue Only these probs would I share with friends!! Anyway going to go to sleep now if that's Anything I can help


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