How often do you see a consultant?

I moved hospital last August and saw them August,November and Jan. Was told I would be seen again in May, rang them in May and was told they were running behind and I was on the 'list' they said to ring if I had a flare and they would see me.

It's August now and I am plodding on. My old hospital had arranged for me to have a follow up Lung function test in July, but I cancelled this when I changed hospital. How often should this test be done?

I see my GP on a regular basis and she did talk of doing some blood tests if I did not get an appointment soon. I was put back on Hydroychlorine in Jan and have not had any problems.

I do not have much new to report, should I be pushing for an appointment?

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  • Get your GP to push if they are willing. Mine have done so, and the appt I should have had in April is now later this month. Pain is my greatest problem, and my GP pushed for a pain clinic, too, as a matter of urgenct. That's Oct.

  • Thanks, I will speak to her.

    I am going to a 'pain management' clinic later this month, the Dr at the 'migraine clinic' thought it might help me.

  • I hope you GP can push for you. I think GPs still comission services, in which case they have some clout. I'd be interested to know how your pain clinic goes. Mine has sent me an app, including a diary, to complete, but Oct seems a long way off.

  • I hope your GP can speed things up - I think GPs still "commision " secondary services, and if so, they have some clout. I'd be interested to know how your pain management service goes. Mine has sent me an app with various things, including a diary, to complete.

  • I don't see my consultant at all now mainly because I am lucky enough to have an amazing GP practice. My GP is brilliant, very much on the ball re Lupus & I can get all appropriate tests done at the surgery. Count myself very lucky.

  • About every 4 months I see mine to get doing a blood panel

  • seems par for the course, my latest 3 month appointment (I was put onto Metho injections, so an important appointment!!) turned into 7 months! Last year my 6 month appointment turned into 12 months! . I asked consultant about this and she said, sadly they are a good 6 months behind. For all of us who are suffering this is not good enough. I was also told last year when I rang, that there are numerous new patients who have priorty over those who already attend clinics. Not good enough I say!! Keep ringing the hospitasl, they will soon get fed up with this and give you one. Good luck

  • Well, my lupus is stable at the moment and I'm also lucky enough to have easy access to a Lupus Specialist Nurse if I have any queries. The consultant wants me reviewed annually and that's fine by me. Presumably that frees up clinic time for those of you with more unstable disease.

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