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Anybody out there who struggles with eye ulcers?

Anybody out there who struggles with eye ulcers?

It is my second time that I am struck by a viral ulcer on my eye. The last time it actually hit both eye balls in the exact same spot. And my ophthalmologist told me she hasn't seen that happen in her 30 years of practice ever, that one patient has it on both eye at the same time and even at the exact same spot. It scares me because there is not much they can do since virus is not treatable and one can easily go blind through such. Any of you any experience? Let me know what you get for it .

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I am very sorry to hear of your situation. I cannot offer offer any words of wisdom or lead you to anything.

I wish someone here can chime in and help you.

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I have had these a few times and been seen at opthalmology dept as urgent.Last time was about 3 months ago when I was going through a lot of other probs so was just given the steroid drops eye wash and copious amounts of drops and gels .I am seeing consultant at opthalmology dept in 2 weeks so will be asking for myself then so will post his suggestions.

Wearing prescription dark glasses at all times and being meticulous in and around eye cleaninghas greatly reduced my getting these horrible viral ulcers and all other eye problems but the longafter effect effect does concern me.

Hope yours settle quickly without drama and we can both get answers.

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Hi littleeffie thanks so much for your reply. I just came back from trying to seeing my ophthalmologist but guess what her practice is closed and she is on vacation for 3 weeks :(

SO I went straight to my family doctor but he is on vacation too.... the nice front desk lady told me she will try to contact him to get my steroids and other eyedrops prescribed for me so that I at least get my emergency meds right away, but that was almost 5 hours ago and still nothing :(

If I have not heard anything by tonight I will have to go to the emergency at the hospital ....

OH DO I HATE MY LIFE sometimes :( :( :(


Can you call desk lady to see if any progress with prescription?

If not emergency dept. visit is needed.

Try not to hate your life as although on going and time consuming these problems are getting through each "life glitch" should be ticked in a "life positivity" book to show how darned good you are!

My hubby bought me a lovely notebook to be my inspiration and positivity book when ,due to mine,his and the kids illnesses ,we seemed to be spending more time at appointments and medical departments than anywhere.

Our saying now when sitting in the usual badly designed structures of torture otherwise known as waiting room chairs is "well it's not as bad as stuck on the ward" and when on ward its "well will get home eventually"

Cancers ,comas and life threatening times have taught us an acceptance with a wry smile and quirky sense of humour to these often repeated occasions.

Chin up and get the meds you need.

Take care

Sending positive kind healing vibes your way


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