Struggling to sleep

Struggling to sleep

Last night was bad - intense pain on left side of face all near jaw area and toward head - would roll on left side and pain would throb hard to where had to roll on right to sleep then my hand fingers would go numb could not sleep woke up with headache- I hate this - I've attached pic with my finger showing where pain is always at when I get it


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4 Replies

  • Have you looked up TMJ / TMD ?

    A few on here get it

    If you tense up your jaw or clench teeth due to pain or stress of pain ,sometimes in sleep,it can cause this type of jaw and head pain.

    Sometimes a soft mouth guard helps.

  • No I don't tense up the pain just starts the same as it goes it also comes 😖

  • I had that for couple of years dentist made mouth guard as he thought i was clenching my teeth. My jaw used to swell up likea hamster eventually decided it was my salivary gland . Got a dye test of parotid gland and it was badly damaged. Went to several doc before sent to rheumatolgist who diagnosed Sjogrens. I would advise you to ask dentist or doctor about this as i now have that symptom under control by massage. Wishing you good luck with finding out the cause🌸

  • Trigeminal neuralgia is common with autoimmune conditions

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