Hate lupus

This fatigue and stiffness is awful. I work full time but after being at work the fatigue is so bad at times I am so tired I can tell the way I talk is slowed if that makes sense and by the time I get home from work I am stiff and can barley move does any one else feel like this and what do they do I have a doctors appointment on the 15 cause I can not keep going like this.

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I get exactly the same thing. I get so exhausted I walk at about 1/10 my usual walking pace, and sometimes it's an effort just to walk between rooms in my house. I made an emergency appointment with rheumatologist and she gave me Depo Medrol. Hasn't really helped fatigue yet but has helped the pain, so the overall effect is an improvement!


Hi Diane48, are you on treatment for your lupus at the moment?

We have an article on our blog about managing fatigue which may be of interest to you. You can read it at


No I was on plaqunil two years ago but the doctor I was going to took me off of it cause she didn't want to keep me on long term and I will read the article. The fatigue is worse then being just tired.


Perhaps you need to discuss treatment options with your consultant? Many people find that plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) can be very helpful in managing their symptoms. It is often prescribed with the intention of people staying on it for life, so long as they do not experience side effects.

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hi I know how you feel . I fought for two years to drop a day .finally they have agreed .but I still find the fatigue and stiffness is just as bad .i don't think we ever win the fatigue its just one of the many joys of lupus . What I find annoying is peoples reaction to it ..your just tired keep going god I wish it was that easy ! Lupus needs to be more understood . They carnt see it so you must be ok . X


I know know one knows how you feel or what you try to deal with cause of lupus.unless you are dealing with it yourself.i need to cut my hours at work but unable to do that right now but getting so hard I take care of others but getting we're it is a challenge everyday


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