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Trying something new

It's been quite a while since I was here. I've been concentrating on getting fit and going back to work. Not been an easy journey. But as far as getting fit is concerned, not doing too bad. No flare ups, minimal use of walking aids, and sleeping better. I keep my mind active with puzzles. I also act in Anateur Dramatics, that's brilliant. I love to entertain. It's keeping the mind off my problems. Although still in pain 24/7 I don't notice it till the evening when I'm winding down. The job front has been a different matter all together. Not paid jobs for me. Hopeless. However, I was introduced to the opportunity of becoming my own boss with the help of Jamberry UK. I'm now an Independent Consultant. It's all about empowering women, giving them the chance to earn a little or a lot. I only started in May this year so got a long way to go before I'm earning a 'Wage' that can support me. Longing to get off ESA. Good luck to all of you. Wishing you all the very best your health will give you. x

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