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Help with an old blood result

I'm needing some expert advice again...

I recently requested my medical files from the hospital where I was treated 13 years ago for ITP. On looking through them I was very interested to find the they tested my ANA back then and the result was 15 IU/ml which is way above the reference range!

I'm just wondering what this would be equivalent to in the ELISA titre method of testing?

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I know that there is a considerable portion of the population that have a + ana but without symptoms that's perfectly normal but it sounds like that's the kinda of thing you'd already know :-)

Friars xx


Thanks friars. Yes I've been on this investigation journey for a little while now, doing the detective work that the doctors couldn't be bothered doing. I've got onto a general physician that sounds willing to help and I've been getting absolutely everything together regarding medical history for him and came across this little snippet. I'm curious to know what the equivalent would be. Obviously the immonuflourescent method is not widely used any more.


I've never understood it either and I have lupus. I know my lymphocytes are low which lupus patients get apparently. My neutrophils are also low. I think they look at the blood test as a whole and not just Ana. Because Ana can rise if you have an infection also.


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