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Just a reminder to all who are on meds. Please ensure that you ask for a regular review to ensure that you protect your internal organs from permanent damage. I found out to my cost that not having this discussion removes options and now due to Meloxicam I have irreversible kidney damage. I now am off the meds but if I had been warned about the potential damage I would have come off them before the damage was done.

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I'm very sorry you've experienced this. Thank you for reminding us of the need to review our meds and ensure there are no ill effects caused by them.

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I was on Arcoxia for 6 years it was the only drug that helped my pain without making me weird in the head and helped me to function! A year ago I had declining kidney function, I reduced it and it had recovered by December but the cardiologist told me to stop it and It was fine until this May when it took another nose dive despite me not taking it, it has since recovered again so no idea what's going on, they're keeping an eye on it but the rheumy said it wasn't lupus related. My declining kidney function wasn't picked up on in the March last year by the GP it was noticed by the cardiologist in October who was Pretty angry that I had been left on Arcoxia for all those months! So your advice is very good advice, maybe mine was caught in time and I always ask for copies of test results now, in fact it was me who noticed it in my May results this year and phoned the doctor to point it out, now I have to make sure I chase them up regularly to keep an eye on it! It's a struggle without taking an anti inflammatory but I won't touch them and I've now been put on Hydroxy.

Before this I was never aware of the risks of kidney damage and NSAIDs.

Thanks for your post Alexandria, it's a wise warning and I'm so sorry that your kidney damage is irreversible, I hope that now you are off them that things won't get any worse and can be well controlled for you.



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