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I honestly thought that I would die two weeks ago and now I'm just living with the pain of Lupus which is much better

My kidney infection must have gone away. I do not feel it anymore ,I'm also not passing blood anymore. I have my regular pain from lupus at more of a severe level than normal because I have tendonitis with it .I do not know how long does tendonitis last but it is very painful having them both together in my toes and my feet are curled up my hands. I can't really go anywhere but my mother lives next door to me so I go back and forth between our houses with my daughter and she plays with her cousin. I literally cannot type so bear with me on my grammar and spelling because this is purely text talking

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Glad to hear your kidney infection has cleared, tendinitis is a nusciance sometimes it can be worse than an actual broken bone taking longer to settle. It's nice that you can visit your mum next door, sounds like my ideal family life.

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It feels like all my tendons are gonna to snap.


You have seen your GP haven't you? They might be able to give you some pain relief


I'm getting phobic of doctors they seem to not be getting the the root of the problem, which I could only assume is a stone. I have that pain for a day pass blood them it comes and goes when it didn't go ways that's when I get concerned. I'm supposed to be following up with doctor for my kidney s but haven't yet. They assumed it was sorting to do wuth my back but I know better ,you dint pass blood unless you injury your kidney.


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